Bobo Choses Petit Book ' Dear World ' AW17

Bobo Choses Petit Book ' Dear World ' AW17

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We love children books and their magic. Our collectable books tell the stories behind each collection. Dear World Petit Book was the source of inspiration and starting point for Autumn-Winter 2017/18. In the book, little Jacques Cousteau gives his ideas on how to love and care for the sea. Bobo Choses books are collectable pieces every season, creating a beautiful library of stories over time to cherish forever.

***Limited edition available only whilst stocks last.

Petit Book ' Dear World ' about the AW17 collection

Our new Autumn Winter 2017/18 collection Dear World is inspired by the sea and all the beautiful things it contains for us. It also raises the question of how should we relate to it in a sustainable way.

Prints are inspired by the sea surface (beach crabs, ocks of birds, crisp waves, sailboats and Alma Siedhoff- Buscher famous Bauspiel toy), the sea depth’s inhabitants (school of colored sh, octopuses, corals and jelly sh) and the seafaring world: famous captains, ship names and the memory of maritime environmental disasters.

The shapes are inspired by shermen’s clothing and developed to match the fabrics. Recycled polyester and organic cotton help make the collection more sustainable.

Our capsule collection Plarstic is over? Is conscious of man’s dependency on plastic and seeks to nd a responsable attitude towards the environment. A statement of principles through vivid colors and geometric shapes.